Hope's In Style Fashion Show 2016

By Chrissie's events (other events)

Sunday, February 21 2016 1:15 PM 4:00 PM

Dear Hope’s In Style community,

Did you know eight families woke up this morning in a sturdy home because of your generosity? Last year as the Hope’s In Style community, in partnership with Potter’s House Association, supported eight families in life changing acts of compassion by showing up and supporting the fashion show! Every time I look at the fashion show and go through photos from the past three years I think to myself: What a fun way to change the world! Please continue to take advantage of the opportunity to empower and bring hope to the Guatemala City garbage dump communities.

Can I tell you about an amazing woman of style and grace? Last summer I had the blessing of meeting a woman named Aracelli. Her dream was to open a flower shop in the communities, she even told me that there is a floristry school nearby in the city. However, schooling costs money and with money needed to maintain her formerly leaky roof and patchy walls, saving money was hard to do. This is a common occurrence in the communities as Potter’s House Association informs us that it takes multiple generations to save the funds for a new house. But because of your intervention, Aracelli and her family of five received a new home. Now Aracelli can pursue her dream and entire generations of her family will be able to do so too. You have saved generations of dreams! That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see bouquets by Aracelli throughout the communities and on every Guatemalan table. 

Whether this will be your first appearance at Hope’s In Style or your fourth, thank you! Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do! No support or encouragement is too small and no person is too late to make big waves in the world. So, will you be there with me? Everyone agrees, there is a presence of hope and joy at every fashion show, let’s celebrate it together this February 21st!

Many blessings,

Courtney Quigley

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No assigned seating. Dress fashionably