Hope's In Style Fashion Show 2015

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Sunday, March 8 2015 1:00 PM 4:00 PM

Dear Friend,

This past August our Hope's In Style team was able to provide new homes for three families living within the thirteen communities surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. These communities are tainted with poverty, abuse and addiction. A majority of the parents of these communities work sunrise to sunset scavenging for scraps, to sell or bring home, within the confines of the garbage dump. Thanks to the generosity of last years attendees and sponsors, these family's were given a safe and sturdy cinderblock home to replace their tin shack.

With it came a new shot at life, a revival of hope, and a new beautiful reality for the families. A reality that will not know the fear of rain entering a home, worrying if a thin door will keep out unwanted guests and having no running water. As well as building the three homes, we were able to help with the construction of a Potter's House's new Community Center. This Community Center will touch the lives of those not able to be part of Potter's House educational programs as well as bring the community together through the love of Christ.

With all that being said, this year we would like to invite you to act compassionately once again as we try to bring hope, through houses, to other deserving families of the Guatemala City garbage dump communities. We are hosting our third annual Hope's In Style Fashion Show and you are invited!

Please help us celebrate the hope that can happen in Guatemala City because it starts with you!

Many blessings,

Courtney Quigley and the Hope's In Style team

Learn more about Hope's In Style on their website: Click Here


No assigned seating. Dress fashionably