Hope's In Style Fashion Show 2017

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Sunday, March 12 2017 1:30 PM 4:30 PM

Dear HOPE'S IN community,

Happy 5th Annual Hope's in Style! This year we are celebrating our fifth time coming together as a community to cheer on, empower and invest in hope! Over the past five years we have built 22 homes, seen over 250 people travel on our summer trips, seen thousands of patients in our medical and eye clinics, and built meaningful relationships with so many families in Guatemala City! This has been done because of your generosity and heart for the families living in the garbage dump communities of Guatemala City. 

Every summer when we travel to Guatemala City to work with our partner organization, Potters House Association, I find myself looking around at our team and the communities with tears in my eyes. Tears of heartbreak for the conditions and stories families share, joy for the resilience and love every community member promotes, and hope for what's to come. Last year I met an eight year old girl named Elizabeth. Her and her family lived in a small tin shack. But on the day we arrived to build their new home, she said this was "the best day of her life". I believe she said this not only because the home we were about to build would be beautiful but because people cared about her, they showed up, they were going to play a part in empowering her to achieve her dreams! Someone traveled the world to show up at her door step and state that she mattered, she was important! 

The best news is there are so many more opportunities for us to empower families in Guatemala City! Will you continue to write this story of hope? Please join us this March 12th, for the fifth annual Hope's in Style! 

With a grateful heart,

Courtney Quigley

Co-founder, HOPE'S IN

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No assigned seating. Dress fashionably